In this bundle we take a deep dive into the lives, successes, and failures of some of the most successful (and wealthy) men on the planet.

What makes them different? What is it about them that makes them super-achievers?

You will discover all of that and more.

What is it about Jeff Bezos that allows him to change the way the entire world shops (and become the richest man on the planet in doing so)?

How does Elon Musk go from working in the fires of a toxic furnace to leading the charge in space travel?

How Steve Jobs created and led what would later become the world’s first trillion ($1,000,000,000,000) company.

Did Bill Gates (the richest man on earth for nearly two decades) really steal technology? 

How Jack Ma was denied a job working at Kentucky Fried Chicken (and was the only one of 24 applicants not to get hired) and then went on to found the company that would later set the record for the largest IPO in the history of the New York Stock Exchange .

We will even show you how Richard Branson might not be as rich as people think. He is, in fact, richer.

All of these questions answered.  All of these myths debunked or truths verified.

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